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Overland Inn  Technicolor  Overland Inn – Technicolor 1:35 465 ×
Overland Inn  Hit the Road  Overland Inn – Hit the Road 4:08 276 ×
Overland Inn  Stay Ghost  Overland Inn – Stay Ghost 4:48 203 ×
Overland Inn  Right Here  Overland Inn – Right Here 2:15 188 ×

O Overland Inn

Overland Inn is a French electronic trip-hop duet, born in 2006. Etienne (Guitar/Machines) and Chloë (Voice/Keyboards/Machines) have released their first album Long Way Home in 2010. They spent a year round UK to record their new tracks and compile them into a new album called Technicolor(released in 2013), before they settled in Prague. For lovers of crazy beats,

keyboards, delayed guitars, strange notes and velvet voices…


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