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Kladrubské léto 2014: Felix Slováček & Orchestr Atlantis Kladruby, Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie sb 9.08.2014 15:00 Kladrubské léto 2014: Felix Slováček & Orchestr Atlantis


Johan Sebastian Bach  Concerto In E Major For Violin  Johan Sebastian Bach – Concerto In E Major For Violin – Iii. Allegro Assai 3:29 8 ×
Joseph Haydn  Concert In C Major For Violin And Orchestra, 3rd Movement  Joseph Haydn – Concert In C Major For Violin And Orchestra, 3rd Movement 5:20 3 ×
Antonín Dvořák  Cigánské Melodie (výběr)  Antonín Dvořák – Cigánské Melodie (výběr) 6:30 3 ×

O Orchestr Atlantis

In 1993 by the conductor Joel Fucked by Orchestra Atlantis and the Chamber Music Association Atlantis Collegium, which consists of a narrower choice of soloists and members of the Orchestra. With the Chamber Orchestra Atlantis and its report took part in the International Festival “the old testament in the arts” (1995), the International Music Festival “Musica Iudaica” (1996), joint concerts with the Tel-Avivským Chamber Choir (1998), etc. At present, both of these files are largely made up of musicians who have systematically engaged in Chamber music and solo playing.

In addition to the familiar songs make up a large part of the Repertoire of the Orchestra Atlantis and Atlantis Collegium spiritual music, less well known tracks of the old masters and the works of contemporary authors. Jazz songs and music containing Jazz elements with the Orchestra Atlantis from 2002. Programs with unusual combinations of classic and modern music or combinations of Chamber and orchestral compositions are part of the program of the Orchestra Atlantis and the Chamber report.

In 2010 was in the Orchestra Atlantis and Vítězslav Podrazil. awarded the prize of Euro Pragensis Ars for interpretation of songs by contemporary authors.

Some Czech and foreign composers written or currently they compose their songs directly to the Chamber Orchestra Atlantis or its report: Premasiri Khemadasa (Sri Lanka), Max Stern (Israel), Petr Pokorny, Vlastislav Matoušek, Jan Grandfather, Vít Clar, Jelinek, Parthiban, Stanislav Lašanský, Karel Šimandl, Kazuhiko Hattori (Japan), Karel Janovický (United Kingdom), Mark Kopytman (Israel), Josef Vejvoda. – Translated by Automatic service

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