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S Orbith

Nadchodzące wydarzenia

Olomouc, Kryt civilní ochrany przełożone ATOM: Orbith + Golpe + more
Praha 7, Křižík Fountain 29.07. – 30.07.2021 Sound Open Air 2021
Praha 2, Parník Tyrš sb 11.09. 14:30 Orbith/Dominik Gehringer Boat 2021: Orbith + Dominik Gehringer + další

Minione wydarzenia

Rave on the Beach: Ladida + Orbith + další Mlékojedy, Beach Park Mlékojedy pt 28.08.2020 18:00 Rave on the Beach: Ladida + Orbith + další
Bliss: Orbith + DJ Airto + Filip Dee Praha 1, Bukanyr Boat sb 22.08.2020 23:00 Bliss: Orbith + DJ Airto + Filip Dee
Mácháč Forever vol. 4 Doksy, Pláž Klůček sb 22.08.2020 13:00 Mácháč Forever vol. 4
Mácháč Forever vol. 3 Doksy , Kemp Bílý Kámen sb 22.08.2020 13:00 Mácháč Forever vol. 3
COAL Festival 2020 Frýdek-Místek – Soběšovice, Beach bar Zátoka 21.08. – 22.08.2020 COAL Festival 2020
Cube Boat: Jaqullin + Orbith + more Praha 2, Parník Tyrš sb 8.08.2020 16:30 Cube Boat: Jaqullin + Orbith + more


Orbith  (DJ set)  Orbith - (DJ set) 1:10:57 488 ×
Orbith  (DJ set)  Orbith - (DJ set) 58:49 142 ×

O Orbith

Orbith include many years the most significant figures of the Czech dance scene. His name came to the attention of lovers of electronic music was in the corner of the 1999th At that time, Alex moves from mainstream dance music – a rave and techno – still relatively unknown in the style, which was electro. Today, with regard to the elapsed Alex’s career, we can say that the Czech electronics has its synonym – DJ Orbith. But let’s go back to the time when the talented and charismatic DJ started … Alex aka DJ Orbith your DJ snubbed beginnings back in 1996 when he performed in Brno club Fan Favorit. During regular play then gradually gained many supporters and interested in his performance is still growing. In short, Alex was able to get the party people on their side, not only because of its sophisticated set, but also due to spontaneous and energetic demeanor and very friendly communication with the audience.

Orbith became a DJ for dance music fans striking – over time, everyone who attended the party, knew his name. A big reason, besides the above-mentioned was the fact that Alex brought to the Czech dance scene something new – electro style, which at that time in our country no one else played. Yes, it was Orbith DJ who introduced electro Czech audience – and with great success. Which is not, at the time of travel clubbers, accustomed to the usual “dose” of techno and house, with open arms immediately welcomed the new style, also served by charismatic, neokoukaného DJs. Since then Orbithova popularity grew steeply, and his name began to appear frequently in the line-ups and large events then known as the Orion Hall events, or Citadel. About Orbith began to be interested – Czech promoters felt that this particular young Brňák ensure their participation in a solid party. In 2001 it could boast Orbith “Newcomer of the Year”, received in the prestigious survey of Czech Dance Music Awards, and two years later won the same poll, as the “Best DJ”.

Since then she has regularly performed throughout the country, both in clubs and at major events (such as Summer of Love, Electric Kingdom Czech, Cocoon clubbing world tour Czech) and, moreover, is gradually coming into abroad (Mayday Hungary, M25 Poland, Nemo club Belarus). Since 2003, he became a resident at Elektra in the Roxy, which was added later and Brno series. Ales have won many fans thanks to a series of three compilation mix named Progressive Session, mixed by the famous Czech magazine about electronic music-XMAG. First steps to production Orbith it did in 2001 – a compilation Elektronik Basslines he released his first track “Fussganger”. A year later released on Czech label Licker “Fussganger rmx” and followed by “No Money No Love” in 2005 (sampler Summer of Love with Alter Ego, Electrochemistry LK, Richie Hawtin). His latest achievement is producing Phantom EP – board, which together with Michal Poliak went to Qrime Records label. – Translated by Automatic service


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