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Český rozhlas Jazz Fest: Now Vs. Now + další Praha 5 – Smíchov, Jazz Dock wt 6.12.2016 19:00 Český rozhlas Jazz Fest: Now Vs. Now + další


Now Vs. Now  Ancient Alien (live)  Now Vs. Now - Ancient Alien (live) 6:13 7 ×
Now Vs. Now  Future Favela (live)  Now Vs. Now - Future Favela (live) 9:03 3 ×
Now Vs. Now  Big Pump (live)  Now Vs. Now - Big Pump (live) 12:50 5 ×

O Now Vs. Now

Electro-groove trio from New York in the starting line-up consists of keyboardist Jason Lindner, bassist Panagiotis Andreou and drummer Mark Guiliano. Recently, one of the reports that the ocean is leading the way in this type of music, like The Rudder or earlier Medeski, Martin & Wood. – Translated by Automatic service


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