Nick Hudson

Elektroniczna, Eksperymentalna, Ambient, Experimental Wielka Brytania
S Nick Hudson

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Toby Driver & Nick Hudson Praha 6, Potrvá wt 2.02.2016 19:30 Toby Driver & Nick Hudson


Nick Hudson  London  Nick Hudson - London 0:34 13 ×
Nick Hudson  Birth Guilt Of The Misconceived  Nick Hudson - Birth Guilt Of The Misconceived 5:51 18 ×
Nick Hudson  Hierocles  Nick Hudson - Hierocles 5:47 2 ×

O Nick Hudson

British musician Nick Hudson does, in principle, folk songs, but his tendency to play with musical arrangements (towards the ambient/experiment, there to rockova), forcing a more accurate description. The close links of the voice and instrumentation and the echoes of the English pastoral Idyll hark back to Alexander Tucker (also Grumbling Fur), work with the voice, the sharp sorrow and frazzled arrangements on master depression Matt Elliott (The Third Eye Foundation), the color of the voice even on Charlie’s Lookera or pattern Words. But once again, Hudson shot is quite wide (it is quite fun reading tags on his soundcloudu) and it’s hard to say what we can expect. The potential for strong experience there is. – Translated by Automatic service

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