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Morkobot + Elephant Opinions Ostrava, Plan B Hardcore Café Morkobot + Elephant Opinions


Morkobot  Kogromot  Morkobot – Kogromot 5:43 0 ×
Morkobot  Gorokta  Morkobot – Gorokta 5:03 0 ×
Morkobot  Zorgongollac  Morkobot – Zorgongollac 3:13 115 ×
Morkobot  Tobokrom  Morkobot – Tobokrom 2:45 88 ×
Morkobot  Skrotokolm  Morkobot – Skrotokolm 2:29 10 ×

O Morkobot

Morkobot is not trying to take a mathematical combinations and discriminant already clearly defined sentences. Their music is physical. Physical metal hardcore noise. As they say about themselves, from the dawn of sound resonated all the galaxies in all environments Morkobot emerging planets. Morkobot Music is like the Higgs boson. We know roughly where it is and wish to have us described properties – the originator of attractive forces, the smaller ones overwhelmingly huge – but they do not know if it really is and if it is not just our dream. Music Morkobot’s also sort of is and is not, but it certainly has an incredible, mysterious force.

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