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Berlin, UFO im Velodrom Manowar

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Manowar Berlin, UFO im Velodrom Manowar
Manowar Ostrava, ČEZ Aréna Ostrava Manowar
Manowar Praha 8, Forum Karlín Manowar
Manowar Praha 8, Forum Karlín Manowar
Manowar Brno, KC Semilasso Manowar
Manowar Ostrava, ČEZ Aréna Ostrava Manowar


Manowar  Warriors Of The World  Manowar – Warriors Of The World 5:52 153 ×
Manowar  Heart Of Steel  Manowar - Heart Of Steel 5:11 90 ×
Manowar  Carry On  Manowar – Carry On 4:19 96 ×
Manowar  Battle Hymns  Manowar – Battle Hymns 6:59 70 ×
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O Manowar

Manowar is an American heavy metal band from the town of Auburn in the State of New York, founded in 1980, Joey DeMaiem, Eric Adams, Ross the Boss and Carl Canedym.

Bassist and the group leader Joey DeMaio was working as a bomb disposal officer for Black Sabbath and he met with guitarist Ross the Boss, who at that time played with the band Shakin Street, opened for Black Sabbath. As the singer later joined Eric Adams and drummer Carl Canedy, thus was laid the Foundation the Group Manowar. Since the beginning of their music was based on an epic sound and influenced by the classical music composer Richard Wagner. In conjunction with the texts related to fantasy literature and the Nordic mythology is considered as a representative of the genre of Manowar power metal, musically, to them, of course, sitting rather designation of classic heavy metal.

On the debut album Battle Hymns published in 1982, stepped out with the spoken word the Director Orson Welles, who later told some of the text for the song from the album Defender Fighting the World.

On the harder sequel (album Into Glory Ride) (' 83), the band broke up with Manager Bill Aucoinem and hired a new drummer Scott Columbuse. It is said about him, pounding the drum so hard that the normal set apart.[source?] He played on the drums of stainless steel, which was made to order. Manowar showed a new drummer on the new metal festival “World War III.” In the States, then the band took the name Megaforce (in Europe, beginning with Music For Nations), which during the ceremonial signing of the contract was exactly what counted-the band duly opened a ceremonial dagger veins and signed with his own blood. Hail to England’s third album was recorded and mixed in 6 days.

In 1984 Manowar entered into the Guinness Book of records as the loudest band in the world.Reached 131 decibels.

In 2006, the Group was still active, and planned to release a new album. Joey DeMaio founded Magic Circle Music publishing company that focused on genre Power Metal, Epic Metal. His clients include, among others, a group of Rhapsody (after a dispute about the name of the renamed Rhapsody of Fire).

The release of the new album Gods of War, planned for April 2006, was delayed due to the injury to the hand of guitarist Karl Logan in a crash on a motorcycle. The album was released in 2007.

In 2008 he left after disagreements Manowar drummer Scott Columbus joined the band and the Ross The Boss (new gigs longtime guitarist of Manowar) and played several concerts with them. Scott Columba replaced still in 2008 drummer Donnie Hamzik, who recorded the first album by Manowar Battle Hymns and already in the new report appeared the year 2010 on the Masters of Rock in Sykora, played as a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dios Heaven And Hell from Black Sabbath, which was part of the album Home publishing company Magic Circle-A Tribute To Ronnie James Dioon which played the rest of the band that are under this company produced as HolyHell, Metalforce, Awaken, Avigal, Crosswind, Dean Cascione, Harlet and more.

At the end of the year 2010 was remastrované first album Battle Hymns with very always sound and two bonuses in the form of live recordings from concerts from 1982. Spoken word for the late Orson Welles recorded by Christopher Lee, opera singer and actor known from the Italian Rhapsody of Fire albums, and especially as Saruman from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

In 2011 it is planned to release a new album, Hammer of the Gods, which will be dedicated to the Thracian God Thor, and at the same time it will be the first part of the cycle “The Asgard Saga”.[source?]

The album eventually released in June 2012, under the name The Lord of Steel and builds on the tradition of classical heavy metal 80. for years. Manowar in it disowned its style and classic rifům added modern sound and a very sharp and clear sound Loganovy guitars. The band missed very much-criticized “the sauce” from the last album and focused only on the old-school “heváč”, which the band famous. Among other things, there appeared the song El Gringo, which is part of the soundtrack to the film. It was another milestone in the already rich biography of the band.

28.6.2013 released remastrované album Warriors of The World, which, moreover, includes a bonus track Of House Of Death recorded in concert performances.

The year 2014 it will be for the band in the sign of the next world tour under the name Kings Of Metal MMXIV World Tour, where they will be showcased tracks from the album Kings of Metal. Opening concert of the tour is scheduled for 21. March 2014 in Moscow. – Translated by Automatic service


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