Lotus Fucker

Hardcore, Punk USA
S Lotus Fucker - © Nicole C. Kibert


Lotus Fucker  The Island Closest To Heaven  Lotus Fucker – The Island Closest To Heaven 1:24 5 ×
Lotus Fucker  A New Path Is Opened  Lotus Fucker – A New Path Is Opened 2:14 12 ×

O Lotus Fucker

Lotus Fucker is an American hardcore punk band that formed in early 2008. Its members currently resides in Baltimore, and as their role models or friends of the band The state Wankys, Penis Geyser, See You in Hell, Yadokai, Chaos Destroy, xBrainiax, Exit Hippies, Merchandise, or Nukkehammer Aghast. – Translated by Automatic service

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