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La Troba Kung-Fú + Iván Gutierrez & Madera Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis pon 4.05.2015 19:30 La Troba Kung-Fú + Iván Gutierrez & Madera


La Troba Kung Fú  Petit Rumbero  La Troba Kung Fú – Petit Rumbero 4:15 22 ×
La Troba Kung Fú  Flor De Primavera  La Troba Kung Fú – Flor De Primavera 3:38 13 ×
La Troba Kung Fú  Subway Walk  La Troba Kung Fú – Subway Walk 4:37 8 ×
La Troba Kung Fú  Volant  La Troba Kung Fú - Volant 6:12 5 ×
La Troba Kung Fú  Cumbia Infierno (live)  La Troba Kung Fú – Cumbia Infierno (live) 2:53 6 ×

O La Troba Kung-Fú

La Troba Kung-Fú is a group of Catalan music La Garriga. The band stood behind Joan Garriga Dusminguet after dissolution. Their music mixes different genres like rumba, dubstep, or blues. The group plays since 2005. After four concerts started to record their first album, Clavell morenet, released in 2006. Now they have to have four albums and concerts throughout the world. – Translated by Automatic service

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