Adres Štefánikova 24, Brno
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History of Flédy, such as the Brno cultural booth, dates from 1911. Its original form was similar to cabaret, Fledermause Brüner Wiener Fledermause. From its rich history just worth noting that as the first device in Brno here played jazz. In the seventies and eighties he was the space converted into a TV studio, all known bat. Modern history dates from the year 2000, when the original owners (restituenti, after the founder) and the Czech television, ended the lease contract.

The building was gradually converted into a film and a music club. Fleda became known and a popular place not only Brňanů, but also the concept of the club scene in the nationwide scale. There are movie shows, jazz, techno, classical music, hip hop, theatre, etc. From Flédy started becoming the concept, the Club began to host names from abroad, resulting in the club scene in Brno, not yet unparalleled.

In September 2004, Flédu took over the production team Level B production. – Translated by Automatic service


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