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S James Dexter

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Darkroom: James Dexter + Marvelous Bey + more Praha 7, 36 Underground pt 1.11.2019 23:00 Darkroom: James Dexter + Marvelous Bey + more
Just Like That: James Dexter + Pat Heart + Johannes Praha 1, Bukanyr Boat pt 31.03.2017 23:00 Just Like That: James Dexter + Pat Heart + Johannes


James Dexter  Coming Home  James Dexter – Coming Home 6:41 32 ×
James Dexter  Within My Soul  James Dexter – Within My Soul 7:43 23 ×
James Dexter  Lift Me Up  James Dexter – Lift Me Up 6:52 3 ×
James Dexter  Deep D  James Dexter – Deep D 2:06 1 ×
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O James Dexter

James Dexter is part of a new wave of artists who are immersed in London’s deep house music sound. James reached the highest rungs of regular tables sales on Beatport.com and Traxsource.com. For example, the House’s most famous online shop Traxsource.com are sold in the top 100 tracks of 2013 placed next to their seven tracks! U Lost my dog ​​figures together with Dale Howard or also Gioma. Published on labels like Nervous, Lost My Dog Records, Large Music, Holic Trax, OM Records and Danse Club Records. His music is supported by a number of DJs such as Noir, PBR Streetgang, Atjazz, Ian Pooley, Roberto Rodriquez, Joyce Muniz, Laura Jones, Tapesh, Detroit Swindle, Flashmob, Miguel Migs, Fred Everything, and many others. Through hard work and successes of the James Dexter about his future well taken care of. – Translated by Automatic service


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