In Cordis Ensemble

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S In Cordis Ensemble

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Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense Praha 1, HAMU wt 4.07.2017 21:00 Phasma Dionysiacum Pragense
Barokní Struny: In Cordis Ensemble Praha 1, Kostel svatého Šimona a Judy wt 19.01.2016 19:30 Barokní Struny: In Cordis Ensemble


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O In Cordis Ensemble

In Cordis Ensemble is a unique musical group, focusing on repertoire for string instruments from the 15th – 18 century. Stunning audio connection trojřadé baroque harp, lute and theorbo lets come back to life works that were previously in the Czech lands was very popular. Today, thanks to the high technical demands, you may hear from us almost exclusively performed by this file. – Translated by Automatic service

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