Gianmarie Testa

Jazz, Folk Włochy
S Gianmarie Testa


Gianmaria Testa  Le Traiettorie Delle Mongolfiere  Gianmaria Testa – Le Traiettorie Delle Mongolfiere 3:32 43 ×
Gianmaria Testa  Come Le Onde Del Mare  Gianmaria Testa – Come Le Onde Del Mare 3:06 46 ×
Gianmaria Testa  Nuovo  Gianmaria Testa – Nuovo 4:23 60 ×
Gianmaria Testa  Seminatori di Grano  Gianmaria Testa – Seminatori di Grano 3:12 37 ×
Gianmaria Testa  Per Accompagnarti  Gianmaria Testa – Per Accompagnarti 4:00 11 ×

O Gianmarie Testa

Gianmaria Testa is an Italian singer who gained recognition in the course of five years. International newspapers unanimously revealed in him one of the most important contemporary singers and song writers. Gianmaria is both refined and popular musician, a singer with a full, husky voice that makes of himself singing his strengths. The texts that tell of mists and meetings, about loneliness and hills, the music, which combines tango, jazz, Bossanova, habanero and waltz that awakens warm and intense suggestion is right riveting. His metaphorical and pathetic singing is simple, has a popular and traditional character, and deliver exactly why. It brings them trivial compared and simple word combinations, and this leads listeners deep under the skin. – Translated by Automatic service

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