Galerie Vestředu

Galerie Vestředu

Adres Martinská 3, Plzeň
Strona internetowa
Telefon 774 893 283

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Vestředu is the student Gallery of contemporary art and design in London. Our goal is to break down the barrier, between contemporary art, and how it is perceived by the public. We present mainly the creation, which is on the current art scene and in our vicinity. We’re trying to discover previously unknown or poorly presented by the artist. As the name suggests, the main action day is Wednesday. We in the tradition of opening the former student Gallery Basement, and the tradition of the University City, where cultural day is not (just) Friday, but thanks to the student population primarily Wednesday. The connection of words, but also symbolizes the effort of the physical approach of students from the Faculty of art and design by Ladislav Sutnara Bory towards the center of the city. The impulse to open a contemporary art gallery in the Centre of the city of Pilsen was needed, anything like that here. Students and the emerging generation of artists not in the Pilsen area. – Translated by Automatic service


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