Fresh Air Gallery – galerie v podchodu

Fresh Air Gallery – galerie v podchodu

Adres Resslova, Plzeň
Strona internetowa

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And unsightly premises both can be a great place to showcase fine art. The curator of this unusual exhibition hall Dagmar Štrosová and Hana Kršňáková reach out to groups and individuals living in Pilsen, to artistic and nevýtvarnou in the form presented in the public space and reflect upon so important topics for them. While the process of developing more fundamental than consider his resulting art discourse. The space of the underpass is an ideal means for communication between the artistic groups and the public. – Translated by Automatic service


Podaj ulicę, lub najbliższy przystanek, z którego chcesz się dostać na miejsce wydarzenia. Pokażemy Ci najlepsze połączenia.

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