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Brutal Assault 2019 Jaroměř, Josefov Fortress 7.08. – 10.08.2019 Brutal Assault 2019
Dr. Living Dead + Comaniac + Rezet Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov 8.02.2018 19:00 Dr. Living Dead + Comaniac + Rezet
Metalfest Open Air 2017 Plzeň, Plzeň-Lochotín 2.06. – 4.06.2017 Metalfest Open Air 2017


Dr. Living Dead  World War Nine  Dr. Living Dead – World War Nine 2:13 33 ×
Dr. Living Dead  Chucky  Dr. Living Dead – Chucky 1:46 17 ×
Dr. Living Dead  You're Not The Law  Dr. Living Dead – You're Not The Law 2:03 8 ×
Dr. Living Dead  Slime From Above  Dr. Living Dead – Slime From Above 2:27 3 ×
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O Dr. Living Dead

Swedish musical group Dr. Living Dead was formed in 2007 and their music began to be directed to the style of the old classics of the genre – DRI or S.O.D. These four guys act like they did not take anything seriously. This is evidenced particularly witty lyrics and their concerts. Dr. Living Dead have beaten only by two demos, but with excellent sound. These great recordings bear the names “Thrash After Death” and “Thrashing the Law”. Footage of both recordings do not exceed fifteen minutes. Whirlwind as it should be. Joke, deployment and full of energy you will know immediately.



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