Clem Leek

Elektroniczna, Eksperymentalna, Ambient, Experimental Wielka Brytania
S Clem Leek

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Degeneration Next Festival 2013 Brno-střed, Vlněna sb 28.09.2013 18:00 Degeneration Next Festival 2013
Degeneration Next Festival 2013 Brno-střed, Vlněna sb 28.09.2013 16:00 Degeneration Next Festival 2013


Clem Leek  Light Passage II  Clem Leek – Light Passage II 5:09 13 ×
Clem Leek  A Light, To Guide You  Clem Leek – A Light, To Guide You 3:12 3 ×
Clem Leek  Bless Those Tired Eyes  Clem Leek – Bless Those Tired Eyes 3:53 2 ×
Clem Leek  Into The Wind  Clem Leek – Into The Wind 3:30 1 ×
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O Clem Leek

Clem Leek is a composer and sound designer from England who moves to the post-classical, ambient and post-rock music. Since childhood he devoted himself to play the piano, and over time he learned to play many other instruments that he could get. He studied Creative Arts at Bath Spa University, followed by a master’s degree in music composition. His work influenced neo-classical authors such as Max Richter, Ketih Kenniff, Nils Frahm and also minimalist Steve Reich and Philip Glass. His songs are very personal and summarize the album Lifenotes (2011), which combines piano and guitar, Holly Lane (2010), which explores the soundscapes of classical music. The last album’s Rest (2013), which stands a fine guitar work. – Translated by Automatic service

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