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Opava, Opava – různá místa Slunovrat 2022
Praha 10 – Hostivař, The Loop Jazz Club Hostivař Clarinet Factory
Ostrava-Vítkovice, Multifunctional Hall Gong Tata Bojs & Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava
Ostrava-Vítkovice, Multifunctional Hall Gong Tata Bojs & Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava

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Clarinet Factory Dobříš, KD Dobříš Clarinet Factory
Anulowano: Clarinet Factory (křest alba) + special guest: Milan Cimfe Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis Clarinet Factory (křest alba) + special guest: Milan Cimfe
Correction Praha 3, Ponec – the dance venue Correction
Klášterní hudební slavnosti 2021 Česká republika, Czechy – różne miejsca Klášterní hudební slavnosti 2021
Pipers: Clarinet Factory Velké Losiny, Zámek Velké Losiny Pipers: Clarinet Factory
Clarinet Factory Praha 1, Skautský institut na Staromáku Clarinet Factory


Clarinet Factory  Hikari  Clarinet Factory – Hikari 4:53 100 ×
Clarinet Factory  Meadows / Luky zelené  Clarinet Factory – Meadows / Luky zelené 4:33 63 ×
Clarinet Factory  B-A-C-H  Clarinet Factory – B-A-C-H 3:48 51 ×
Clarinet Factory  Hoří pole lán  Clarinet Factory – Hoří pole lán 4:14 313 ×
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O Clarinet Factory

Clarinet Factory and files are musicians whose musical style is still unable to define, for each drawer in which you would like to place, something remains stuck. Think and define for them a new drawer, special, tailor-made for the year and find that I fit in there again. Why? Probably because they are “under way”, with eyes and ears open, looking for security, but enough with the search itself. A lot of play – and a lot of play. But if you want a drawer, then so be it Clarinet Factory drawer (or rather a crucible in the hands of alchemists) and see what ever into it (yet) fallen. Classical music, jazz, ambient, minimal music, ethno, folk and pop some songs, improvisation … And a series of meetings, which brought a strong inspiration: with Jane Koubková with African music firsthand on a tour of Senegal, in concert with Bobby Mc Ferrino, a companion Alan Vitous, with Lenka and Beata Dusilová Hlavenková in nadžánrovém Eternal Seekers project, etc. . what do with them – where home …? Clarinet Factory to find yours – are at home in a free musical space, where he plays on the drawers, which are tested and looking at the way … out of home.


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