KVK Centrum

KVK Centrum

Adres Malesická 1223/10, Plzeň
Strona internetowa www.kvkcentrum.cz
Telefon 603 500 021

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Cultural, leisure and the Christian Center of Plzeň – Skvrňany is a platform for active leisure activities open to all people of good will. The aim of the project is to provide facilities for active civil life of the inhabitants of this city. The activities offered are designed for citizens of different ages, with special regard to the needs of specific groups, in particular families with children, seniors and people with disabilities. An integral part of the project, the programmes are based on the Christian tradition and culture.

A project of the Center is of the KVK integrated development plan of the city “Pilsen – European capital of culture 2015.” The project is the Czech Association of the Church of seventh day Adventist. The main partner of the project is the local choir of the Church of seventh day Adventist Plzeň 1. The construction of the complex has been financially supported by the European Union of the ROP NUTS II South-west. Most of the funds needed to build the equipment and premises donated by the faithful from the Czech Republic. Believers also significantly contribute to the operation of the site, keep it, and in cooperation with partner organizations, ensure the realization of the project the Centre. KVK – Translated by Automatic service


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