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Wystawy historyczne, Wystawa stała
Wystawy historyczne,
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Moonrise Kingdom
Wybrane przez nas
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Opis miejsca

DEPO 2015 is a living space where business and culture interesting combine in innovative solutions.

DEPO2015 is the output of the project Plzeň – European capital of culture 2015. The heart of the DEPO2015 is a Centre for creative business that connects with the business culture and the creative industries. Depot is the place where they work, make up, present or do business start-ups and established companies. A community of creative people with great ideas and the desire to implement has the opportunity to go through the process of incubation, i.e… with the assistance and mentoring professionals from cultural and creative industries to kickstart your business plan, you can use the shared workspace, open a workshop for the production of prototypes or rent a Studio or Office. DEPO2015 is also the seat of the residential program OPEN A.i.R., which offers Czech artists and innovators the opportunity to go abroad and at the same time invites foreign cultural scene to Pilsen.

DEPO2015 is also an open cultural space, which is essential for the development of new ideas and enhances the attractiveness of the place for people who work in the DEPO2015 is located, and forms, as well as for the general public. In 2015, we present in the DEPO2015 world leaders in the field of design, high-quality musical production, interesting community and interactive exhibits and much more. In the following years, then we want to give a chance to the users DEPO2015 to imagine what they are working on, whether it’s an interactive exhibition design – product, fashion, graphics, architecture, film, music or Visual Arts. All brand name MADE IN DEPO2015! – Translated by Automatic service


Podaj ulicę, lub najbliższy przystanek, z którego chcesz się dostać na miejsce wydarzenia. Pokażemy Ci najlepsze połączenia.


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