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C+C=Maxigross + The Osels Plzeň, Městská plovárna pt 31.07.2015 18:00 C+C=Maxigross + The Osels


C+C=Maxigross  Ten Dark Wednesday  C+C=Maxigross – Ten Dark Wednesday 3:56 3 ×
C+C=Maxigross  Hills, Hills, Hills (official Video)  C+C=Maxigross – Hills, Hills, Hills (official Video) 3:53 1 ×
C+C=Maxigross  Charleroi Poulet  C+C=Maxigross – Charleroi Poulet 3:40 1 ×
C+C=Maxigross  Najhladnija Luka Pule | Unplugged In Monti  C+C=Maxigross – Najhladnija Luka Pule | Unplugged In Monti 4:02 0 ×

O C+C=Maxigross

C + C = Maxigross is a band created by nature. High in the mountains of the year 2009 and met a bunch of buddies in a remote cottage to “something”. Nothing had prepared and everything baked up for evening fires and improvised. Thus, the EP, to the amazement of Singar of all participating in this psychedelic trip furore and the band had at one time offer on playing throughout Italy. Then went to the whole world, they released their first major album Ruvain on Vaggiamal records and participated in festivals like Primavera Sound, Eurosonic or Fusion Festival in Germany. All this still prosecutes and organise their own psychedelic folk festival in the mountains around Verona. C + C = Maxigross play, how many understand psychedelic folk, who has but clearly its own face. – Translated by Automatic service


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