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Nadchodzące koncerty

Plzeň, KD Šeříková sb 11.12. 19:00 Brutus

Minione koncerty

Hurricane Festival 2020 Scheeßel, Eichenring Scheeßel 19.06. – 21.06.2020 Hurricane Festival 2020
Brutus Praha 1, Vagon pt 3.04.2020 21:00 Brutus
Brutus Brno, m13 Club pt 13.03.2020 21:00 Brutus
Brutus Praha 1, Vagon sb 29.02.2020 21:00 Brutus
Brutus Příbram, Pandora Music Club pt 31.01.2020 20:30 Brutus
Brutus Praha 1, Vagon pt 24.01.2020 21:00 Brutus


Brutus  První polibek  Brutus – První polibek 4:50 245 ×
Brutus  Hospody hospody a restaurace  Brutus – Hospody hospody a restaurace 3:34 192 ×
Brutus  Zda se mi  Brutus – Zda se mi 4:18 819 ×
Brutus  Opijem se  Brutus – Opijem se 3:01 590 ×

O Brutus

Brutus is a Czech rock and dance group, for its style coined the term real big beat. The group is regarded as a Czech legend tancovačkového big beat. The group was founded in 1967 under the name Mandragora. At the time of normalization was repeatedly forced to suspend work and always be restored under a new name (Elektronik, Brutus, Cyclops). After the Velvet Revolution performs under the name of Brutus and riding around with his four-hour concerts zábavovými the Czech Republic, from the halls of major cities around the gymnasium in remote villages.

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