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Pražský Drum&bass Festival 2020 Praha 7, Cross Club 21.08. – 23.08.2020 Pražský Drum&bass Festival 2020
Babe LN Praha 1, Chapeau Rouge pt 27.03.2020 20:00 Babe LN
Sequent + Sublime emcee + more Praha 7, Cross Club pt 27.03.2020 20:00 Sequent + Sublime emcee + more
U-Prag + DJ Babe LN Praha 6, Club 007 Strahov nd 22.12.2019 19:00 U-Prag + DJ Babe LN
Babe LN Praha 1, Chapeau Rouge sb 21.12.2019 20:00 Babe LN
Babe LN Praha 1, Chapeau Rouge pt 29.11.2019 20:00 Babe LN


Babe LN  10 Let inspiralu (live)  Babe LN – 10 Let inspiralu (live) 18:20 320 ×
Babe LN  Cirkus Opava (live)  Babe LN – Cirkus Opava (live) 3:11 124 ×

O Babe LN

Experienced DJ and presenter Babe LN is one of the first women in the Czech Republic, which cast a spell on the decks. Currently in awareness mainly as a dnb DJ whose sets are sensitive synthesis of different styles. It started around 93, while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, first at school parties and a chill DJ. After enchantment slower beats and production label Ninja Tunes, Mo Wax records or Shadow gradually moving towards a breakbeat (s turn to equal beatuy) to dnb.

He is a resident at the Roxy club, Punto Azul, Xt3, Palace Akropolis (mostly from their origin). In addition to performances in clubs and at festivals in the Czech Republic (eg Stag Moat, Open Air Field, Cosmic Trip, Freestyle masive, Creamfields, Planet Love, Urban Rapublic, Mighty Sounds, and others) repeatedly played in the Slovak Republic, Austria and Germany, but also in the UK, Portugal, Poland, France (Festival Les Printemps de Bourges), Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Africa. Has played alongside many of my favorite producers, djs, bands and projects – such as Asian Dub Foundation, Transglobal Underground, Les Rhytmes Digitales, Carl Cox, Aphrodite, Nookie, LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad, Zinc, Ed Rush, High Contrast, D-Bridge , Fabio and more. Collaboration with vocalists and MCs (eg Dr.Kary, Nu C, Vaant, Tereza Nekudová, Klára Nemravová, Lindey …) and musicians resulted in the break-T projects (with LIQUID A) and No Nasty stars (Ghonzales DJ, MC Adrenalin ).

Love the wide range of music (not electronic) in 2000, it led to Radio 1, which pleased selects songs for the audience every Friday from 12 to 15 hours. Her other activities include sound Biennale of Contemporary Art in GHMP U Bell, live sound collage created for theatrical performances of students of Drama in Palac Akropolis, performances in exhibitions of new media (Vienna) or cyberfeministické Conference (Hamburg). – Translated by Automatic service


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