Castle Špilberk Brno

Castle Špilberk Brno

Adres Špilberk 1, Brno
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Instytucja Brno City Museum

For over seven centuries, Spilberk Castle has dominated the skyline of Brno, a reminder of the safety and protection it provided.  In parallel, the Brno City Museum is celebrating 40 years of its location in Špilberk; with new permanent exhibitions as well as occasional displays, it is making the historical and cultural heritage of the city, preserved in the museum collections, accessible to the public.

In the summer season, the castle courtyards and other premises come alive with various cultural events, concerts, theatre performances and historical shows, as well as sports competitions. Over 100,000 people visit the museum exhibitions annually, including the casemates. Furthermore, the lookout gallery of the corner tower provides a unique view of Brno and its surroundings. The most important historical monument in the city thus becomes a lively cultural centre, attracting thousands of tourists.

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