Arve Henriksen

Jazz, Elektroniczna Norwegia
S Arve Henriksen

Minione koncerty

Space X 2020 Praha 1, Divadlo X10 13.03. – 14.03.2020 Space X 2020
Mezinárodní hudební festival Dobršská brána 2019 Dobrš, Dobrš 16.08. – 17.08.2019 Mezinárodní hudební festival Dobršská brána 2019
Arve Henriksen + Fennesz + support: DaT Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis czw 26.01.2017 19:30 Arve Henriksen + Fennesz + support: DaT
Arve Henriksen & Jan Bang Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis pon 26.11.2012 19:30 Arve Henriksen & Jan Bang


Arve Henriksen & Jan Bang  Migration  Arve Henriksen & Jan Bang - Migration 5:35 195 ×
Arve Henriksen  Recording Angel  Arve Henriksen - Recording Angel 6:26 154 ×
Arve Henriksen  Sorrow and its Opposite  Arve Henriksen - Sorrow and its Opposite 4:30 242 ×
Arve Henriksen  Bird's-Eye-View  Arve Henriksen - Bird's-Eye-View 4:08 93 ×
Arve Henriksen  Chiaro  Arve Henriksen - Chiaro 3:29 178 ×

O Arve Henriksen

Arve Henriksen is already more than twenty years the absolute top jazz adventurers carrying the flag hledačství musical tradition. The beginnings of his career associated with freejazzovým Veslefrekk trio, which in 1997 was transformed into an improvisational group Supersilent. Their numbered plate, which has released eleven break the boundaries of the genre towards noise music and dark ambient and are the flagship agile Nordic scene. Henriksen but has also participated in dozens of projects covering a wide range of contemporary experimental jazz. – Translated by Automatic service


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