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Boskovice, Boskovice - různá místa 4.07. – 7.07.2019 Festival Boskovice 2019

Minione koncerty

Yo Soy Indigo Praha 6, Klubovna 3.05.2019 19:30 Yo Soy Indigo
Yo Soy Indigo Brno, Stará Pekárna 1.02.2019 20:00 Yo Soy Indigo
Yo Soy Indigo Olomouc, Jazz Tibet 31.01.2019 20:00 Yo Soy Indigo
Jazz Dock House Band + Yo Soy Indigo Praha 5, Jazz Dock 31.12.2018 21:00 Jazz Dock House Band + Yo Soy Indigo
Yo Soy Indigo + Jo'anna Praha 6, Klubovna 27.09.2018 19:30 Yo Soy Indigo + Jo'anna
Meander Festival 2018 Valeč, Vyhlídka Jinotaj 29.06. – 30.06.2018 Meander Festival 2018


Yo Soy Indigo  E.T. (live)  Yo Soy Indigo – E.T. (live) 4:58 7 ×

O Yo Soy Indigo

American singer and songwriter Emily Thiel comes from Connecticut, but settled in Prague and founded the music group here called the netradičím-Yo Soy Indigo. As a bassist is a former member of the trio-123 min., Fredrik Janáček and the other up and coming names promise a great experience-an Max Deyes, keyboardist Mark Newson and violinist Andy Fell. Their music is an original fusion of pop, rock, soul, jazz, folk and many other influences. – Translated by Automatic service


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