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Jiří Jiří Matěj Matěj Kamil Kamil Daniel Daniel Anežka Anežka Veronika Veronika Martina Martina Tynato Tynato Matěj Matěj Vojtěch Vojtěch 43


Theatre Vosto5 programmatically dedicated copyright theatre. Throughout the existence of his work primarily looking for new possible paths for a truly live communication with the audience. Examines how to mobilize the viewer how to organically link with variable, live and elusive structure of theatre performance, how to draw in the viewer above the normal level of perception. A rundown of all the productions brings together interested in Czech topics, Vosto5 neidealizuje traits of our national character, and it shows in their complexity and ambiguity-but always with hindsight and perspective. Vosto5 works in Prague as a permanent guest Studio Ypsilon, Theatre Archa and Jatek78 and performs regularly in a number of theatres and at festivals all over the Czech Republic. – Translated by Automatic service

Nadchodzące sztuki

Letenské Sady Praha, Praha pon 28.08 20:30 Stand'artní kabaret
Ypsilon Studio, Praha 1 nd 17.09 19:30 Slzy ošlehaných mužů
Jatka78, Praha 7 wt 17.10 19:30 PROTON ! ! !
Sokolovna Řepy, Praha 17 wt 24.10 20:00 Dechovka
Sokolovna Řepy, Praha 17 śr 25.10 20:00 Dechovka
Ypsilon Studio, Praha 1 nd 29.10 19:30 Slzy ošlehaných mužů
Jatka78, Praha 7 śr 1.11 19:30 PROTON ! ! !
Jatka78, Praha 7 śr 8.11 19:30 PROTON ! ! !
Jatka78, Praha 7 pon 13.11 19:30 PROTON ! ! !
Sokolovna Řepy, Praha 17 nd 26.11 20:00 Dechovka
Sokolovna Řepy, Praha 17 pon 27.11 20:00 Dechovka


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