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S Thou

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Berlin, Zukunft am Ostkreuz wt 23.07. 21:00 Headz up: Thou + Moloch
Rokycany, Letiště Rokycany 25.07. – 28.07.2019 Fluff Fest 2019


Thou  Tyrant  Thou – Tyrant 8:30 41 ×
Thou  Grissecon  Thou – Grissecon 8:25 58 ×
Thou  Another World is Inevitable  Thou – Another World is Inevitable 10:03 58 ×
Thou  Here I Stand, Head In Hand  Thou – Here I Stand, Head In Hand 8:04 76 ×
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O Thou

A bunch of psychopaths called from Baton Rouge Thou ingeniously managed to combine metal brutality, nihilistic sludge and punk atmosphere without access to whatever has reduced the strength and authenticity, and so the band that does not parallel the contemporary scene. In essence, Thou play extremely brutal, slow metal, which is powered by punk nasraností politckým and clear position. Singer Brian at the concert as a dangerous beast out of control possessing an absolutely murderous vocals, with a loud and uncompromising band behind everything crushed to a pulp.


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