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Vlny: Omek + Slater + more Praha 1, Bukanyr Boat 8.02.2019 23:00 Vlny: Omek + Slater + more
SheexyBoat 2018 Praha 1, Czech Boat 4.08.2018 12:00 SheexyBoat 2018


DJ Tazz  (live)  DJ Tazz – (live) 52:03 144 ×
DJ Tazz  (live)  DJ Tazz – (live) 5:57 207 ×
DJ Tazz  (live)  DJ Tazz – (live) 1:00:41 35 ×
DJ Tazz  (live)  DJ Tazz – (live) 1:01:40 9 ×

O Tazz

Tazz to electronic dance music came first in 1997, when he began to frequent the club Roxy. Once again visited the Roxy party Zen, which was playing Jimmy Van M. We can say that the set Tazz opened the door to the world of music, he was looking for. Today has long been dedicated to playing the music genre of progressive and try him among the people, as evidenced by its activities. His sound can be described as a footing rhythms with atmospheric melodies and sounds, dynamic bass, emotive vocals, groovy mood and always full of energy.

Tazz is a perfectionist, his mixing them feel penchant for long blend mixes and suddenly gradation. It is also fanatic technical achievements, and since 2005, uses in his speeches extra external effector. He says: “I'm tired of turntables just stand there, but I always try to get the music and techniques offered maximum”. – Translated by Automatic service

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