S Soldik

O Soldik

Soldik after completing basic art school, where he learned to play the trumpet, gradually came to electronic music, and finally to the jungle. Soldik first experience with turntables back to 1998, when you first chance to hold, yet surprisingly like MC at a local club. Since 2000, ran clubs and airy open almost throughout the country and played alongside names we hear also his sets – Ed Rush, Bad Company UK, Noisia, Audio, BTK, Axiom, State Of Mind, Black Sun Empire and many more . He visited several times and Slovakia and Austria. In 2005, the very first Czech who played the legendary Austrian radio station FM4. He likes precise, fast and long mixes his sets you will hear most often techstep and neurofunk interleaved other subgenres. He has also PROMOTER activities and events as Bassinfection, Bullet Time, Drumbus and Stepslet. In addition, you will find his editorial work on sites, Redrum, Rave, and Drumup. Because of his love and respect for vinyl started (due to increasingly smaller supply vinyl) cut its own and founded his own label Private Cuts. In addition to full sets of news you can also hear special oldskool techstep sets full of names like Tekken, Falcon, Stakka & Skynet, Kemal, Muffler, Pyro, and more. – Translated by Automatic service

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