Sofa Surfers

Elektroniczna, Trip Hop, Jazz, Dub, Trip Hop, Acid Jazz Austria
S Sofa Surfers


Sofa Surfers  White Noise  Sofa Surfers – White Noise 5:57 334 ×
Sofa Surfers  Sofa Rock  Sofa Surfers – Sofa Rock 3:58 191 ×
Sofa Surfers  A Good Day To Die  Sofa Surfers – A Good Day To Die 3:52 215 ×
Sofa Surfers  Playing the Game  Sofa Surfers – Playing the Game 5:01 116 ×
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O Sofa Surfers

The foundation of Sofa Surfers was enabled by modern technologies that offer completely independent and democratic equipment. While others bet on pleasant tones, Sofa Surfers seek the dark depths and combine shocking counterpoints. In spite of its origin in Vienna, the band delivers unexpectedly savage music. In 1998, Sofa Surfers performed at Eurobash alternative music awards in London; the concert was aired by the BBC. During the UK tour in 2000, Time Out and NME magazines nominated them as the live band of the week.

In the years that followed, Sofa Surfers went deeper; the combination of music with the visual has generated a one-of-a-kind experience where sound and images amalgamate into a single, compact body. The same holds for the structure of the band which is a living organism without a leading figure; their songs crossfade one into another as a continuous acoustic wall built by a DJ. The band returned after a break in 2005 in full strength. The music had left tonal effects and taken to moderate arrangements for the guitar, bass and percussion with the visiting vocalist, dancer and choreographer Mani Obeya who had settled in Vienna after a series of multimedia projects in New York and London.


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