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S Schovanky

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Praha 10, Barikádník Cultural House czw 1.10. 19:00 Schovanky

Minione koncerty

Country den 2019 Plzeň, DEPO2015 28.09.2019 11:00 Country den 2019


Schovanky  Country roads  Schovanky – Country roads 3:11 823 ×
Schovanky  Diggy Liggy  Schovanky – Diggy Liggy 2:24 646 ×
Schovanky  Jackson  Schovanky – Jackson 2:03 537 ×
Schovanky  Johny B Goode  Schovanky – Johny B Goode 2:08 444 ×

O Schovanky

Schovanky is a female country music legend – but today they are no longer the sweet-smiling girls of 1971, nor those of 1982 playing with Vera Martin.

All have a musical education, playing with great commitment, his foreign experience is able to sell very well and their performances are pleasant shock to viewers. The band first formed Czech own songs, singers can write their own lyrics and vocals and some musical instruments can be heard on records and record other bands.

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