Roderick Giles & Grace

S Roderick Giles & Grace


Roderick Giles & Grace  Be  Roderick Giles & Grace - Be 3:54 14 ×
Roderick Giles & Grace  Holy Is The Lord  Roderick Giles & Grace - Holy Is The Lord 2:39 10 ×

O Roderick Giles & Grace

File Roderick Giles & Grace leads one of the most talented Gospel singers in the world, the famous Roderick Giles.

Roderick is an active member of the Southern Baptist Church Praise and Worship Center, where he put together a famous SBC Chorale. Today the Agency’s own music, Roderick Giles Music Group LLC, composes music, be governed by councils, provides vocal coaching, leads vocal workshops and mj. It is also the founder of the multi-talented file Grace. He toured on a number of important file locations as The White House, The U.S. Capitol, The Kennedy Center, The Washington Convention Center, etc.

Roderick Giles & Grace really have a passion for singing, the music that brings hope, love, peace and joy to all. The whole performance is very impulsive, and also intense. – Translated by Automatic service

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