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Prago Union  Co si počnem?  Prago Union – Co si počnem? 3:24 184 ×
Prago Union  Jessli Dovolite  Prago Union – Jessli Dovolite 3:41 574 ×
Prago Union  Naodpis  Prago Union – Naodpis 3:33 264 ×
Prago Union  Dezorient Express  Prago Union – Dezorient Express 4:22 184 ×
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Prago Union

Those Prago Union work. They work a lot, even if, somehow, would actually according to all rules of the music industry did not work. Their boss is nice from a register and become a “sexsymbolem” already “biting toothless poet” Kato, too fails. Their seeds don’t play radios and on the man’s neuhrají – content creators is nebojkotují, these two worlds are just totally misses the point. Their music doesn’t belong there, it has so far to “popular”, as it only goes. Do not hit and caution: do not even have a big scandal. Are wood, are earthy, stink člověčinou and fans got the rock. Maj is across genres and have so many of them that they play as few. Have home prices 2 Angel and criticism is worships. Their 3 plates are sold even in the time of whimper over the prodejema. Where are they, how are they, and how all of this is at all possible? Prago Union on those must be something. – Translated by Automatic service

Nadchodzące koncerty

Café V lese, Praha 10 wt 30.01 20:00 Prago Union
Café V lese, Praha 10 śr 31.01 20:00 Prago Union
Mersey, Brno pt 16.03 20:00 Prago Union
Marley Club, Ostrava pt 23.03 20:00 Rest + Idea + další
Žižkov Praha, Praha 22.03 ‑ 24.03.2018 Žižkovská noc 2018


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