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Brno, KC Semilasso pt 21.12 20:00 Petra Janů

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Petra Janů Plzeň, KD Šeříková 9.12.2018 19:00 Petra Janů
Petra Janů Praha 1, Hybernia Theatre 28.11.2018 19:00 Petra Janů
Petra Janů & Amsterdam Praha 6, Usedlost Ladronka 19.06.2018 19:00 Petra Janů & Amsterdam
Marie Rottrová + Buty + more Ostrava, ČEZ Aréna Ostrava 27.03.2018 19:00 Marie Rottrová + Buty + more
Petra Janů + Kamil Střihavka + more Ostrava, Dům kultury města Ostravy 1.12.2017 19:00 Petra Janů + Kamil Střihavka + more
Petra Janů Praha 1, Great Hall Lucerna 18.11.2017 19:00 Petra Janů


Petra Janů  Říkej mi...  Petra Janů - Říkej mi... 3:19 232 ×
Petra Janů  To máme mládež  Petra Janů - To máme mládež 2:03 241 ×
Petra Janů  Už nejsem volná  Petra Janů - Už nejsem volná 4:25 41 ×
Petra Janů  Sbohem všem láskám dej  Petra Janů - Sbohem všem láskám dej 3:38 34 ×
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Petra Janů

Petra Janů since 1972 in traffic lights. Since 1977, she sang with the group for the rock, which released their first album, Roadhouse. In 1978, ended in the Golden slavíku in second place. In 1980, They released the album! (until its fourth album she wrote almost all the songs R P Ota, sometimes lyrics) and Peter Smith has become a unique rockerkou on our music scene. In the same year she recorded with the FC group Boomerang movie concert. In the 1980 's. years she has collaborated with Peter Jandou and Ondřej Soukup. Was commercially very successful albums we are going further and with love … Petra Janů after plate go freely from rock music to pop music. In 1987, for the first time became the “gold she also”. In the 1990 's. years, has appeared in several musicals and the beginning of the new millennium is once again returning to work with Peter Jandou and By Petřinou and issued the album Let’s go II.

In 2009 issued album magic with pop recordings, mostly of foreign origin (6 accepted, 3 from the home of the authors). On the album also appear two again and arranged the song “call me” and “Sorry”, which so far no Petřiném solo album out.In 2012, issued by Supraphon 3 CD compilation of My pilgrimage-the Golden collection, which contains 60 recordings, with approximately 20 of them by this time, either did not work at all or have not been available on CD – Translated by Automatic service

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