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Monoskop + Bob O Keeffe + Klubovna Disaster Band Praha 6, Klubovna 20.12.2019 19:00 Monoskop + Bob O Keeffe + Klubovna Disaster Band
Ufajr + Monoskop Praha 6, Klubovna 6.11.2019 20:00 Ufajr + Monoskop
Monoskop + Tanyny Praha 10, Café V lese 22.10.2019 19:30 Monoskop + Tanyny
Monoskop + Mlhou Praha 10, Café V lese 28.04.2016 20:00 Monoskop + Mlhou
Monoskop Praha, Divadlo VILA Štvanice 7.02.2015 20:00 Monoskop


Monoskop  Lalou  Monoskop – Lalou 4:38 62 ×
Monoskop  Stín  Monoskop – Stín 3:52 133 ×
Monoskop  Vlk  Monoskop – Vlk 4:38 10 ×
Monoskop  Einhell  Monoskop – Einhell 4:26 30 ×
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O Monoskop

Prague is a six-Member group showed a test pattern. In his work comes from trip hop, but develops it into its atmospheric and harmonically distinct songs. The characteristic expression of the band adds its unusual instrumentation, in which as the main melodic instruments are the violin and trumpet.

The Group showed a test pattern in the current composition exists from 2014, when a change has occurred as a drummer, the other members play together roughly since 2009. The first official recording in the form of eponymous EP released in 2011. The last published work is a song by the shadow, which is úmistila on the first domestic hit parade Radio 1. – Translated by Automatic service


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