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Nadchodzące koncerty

Žatec, Galerie Sladovna sb 5.09. 20:00 Mirek Kemel + Vladimír Javorský & Petr Mikeš
Brno, Leitner Club pt 30.10. 19:30 Mirek Kemel s kapelou
Praha 2, Showboat Secret 20.05.2021 20:00 Miroslav Kemel & Vladimír Javorský

Minione koncerty

Mirek Kemel Praha 4, Theater Dobeška 12.12.2019 20:00 Mirek Kemel
Mirek Kemel Ostrava, Luna Cinema 22.11.2019 19:00 Mirek Kemel
Mirek Kemel Brno, Leitner Club 21.11.2019 19:30 Mirek Kemel
Mirek Kemel + Vladimír Javorský Praha 1 – Malá Strana, Malostranská beseda 24.10.2019 20:30 Mirek Kemel + Vladimír Javorský
Colours of Ostrava 2019 Ostrava, Dolní Vítkovice 17.07. – 20.07.2019 Colours of Ostrava 2019
Mirek Kemel & Band Brno, Leitner Club 30.05.2019 19:30 Mirek Kemel & Band


Mirek Kemel  Ryby, raci  Mirek Kemel – Ryby, raci 4:46 95 ×
Mirek Kemel  (live)  Mirek Kemel – (live) 1:23 183 ×

O Mirek Kemel

Mirek Kemel songwriter with music since he was high school years in the late eighties he played regularly in pubs Žižkov guitar and harmonica and has already begun to emerge when the first author’s songs. In 2007, discovered the accordion and her charm got him completely. He was fascinated by its characteristic sound and possibilities of both solo and accompanying instrument. Great emphasis Mirek Kemel on texts from the vast majority of truly inspired prožitými events. They try to find the simple stories of something beyond us. Although each person has a different story, and individual experiences vary in location, time and intensity, there is something under it, the basic story that we are all very similar.


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