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Imperialistic Night: Silent Witness + Kosay + more Praha 7, Cross Club 11.05.2018 20:00 Imperialistic Night: Silent Witness + Kosay + more
RnR & Ska Night: Gemma & The Travellers + Pub Animals + more Praha 7, Cross Club 24.04.2018 20:00 RnR & Ska Night: Gemma & The Travellers + Pub Animals + more
Mr. Woodnote + Andy V + more Praha 7, Cross Club 14.04.2018 18:30 Mr. Woodnote + Andy V + more
Reggaenerace: Dub Artillery + Kaya + more Praha 7, Cross Club 1.03.2018 20:00 Reggaenerace: Dub Artillery + Kaya + more
Positive Vibes: NikkiM + DJ Lion + more Ostrava, Marley Club 27.01.2018 20:00 Positive Vibes: NikkiM + DJ Lion + more
Jamie Bostron + Counterstrike + more Praha 7, Cross Club 20.01.2018 20:00 Jamie Bostron + Counterstrike + more


MikkiM  George and the Dragon  MikkiM – George and the Dragon 6:05 176 ×
Mikkim Ft. Kiki  Todas Las Mujeres  Mikkim Ft. Kiki – Todas Las Mujeres 3:04 31 ×
Mikkim Ft. Los Residentes  Tuti  Mikkim Ft. Los Residentes – Tuti 4:30 21 ×
MikkiM  Janie Jones Trip  MikkiM – Janie Jones Trip 7:22 114 ×
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MikkiM is a producer, musician and DJ is a real pioneer in linking styles of music. His energy charged music and uncompromising charged DJ sets and live show coming to the boil fans across genres throughout the world. As a producer has already issued three full-length records, seven vinyl and uncounted digital singles. For their second album, “Offbeat Rhapsody”, from the part of nahrávené in Kingston in Jamaica has earned the highest possible home appreciation, namely the Angel award for album of the year 2012. From the success of the album benefited remains and as the first ever Czech DJ in 2013 was invited to one of the world’s most prestigious festivals, Glastonbury. His latest achievement, the album “Santiago”, recorded in Cuba and you can enjoy the original mix of electronics with the Latin American and the ska/reggae elements. In his songs you can hear the unmistakable MikkiMův music manuscript inspired by cultural influences collected during his travels around the world.

In addition to their plates has to his credit seven issued by vinyl, limited to scattered from reggae over the jungle to a harder dance music influenced freetekno scene, here you can overhear his invention of “skatek” and currently the popular raggatek, the combination of hard techno beats along with ska and reggae elements. Thanks to the diversity of its production and wide DJskému shot MikkiM can stimulate the party almost any style, is able to play reggae, dub, jungle, tropical rhythms, drum and bass, breakbeat, house, electro and harder raggatekové and techno sets, as well as electroswing and Balkan dance music. He’s already in most European countries and in South America, often as headliner club nights or festivals. On their albums and live shows he worked with many household names, often in legends of their genre. It is also closely linked with the unique Prague Club Cross, where it has a couple of floors above the Club their studio and base your Big Bong Records.

MikkiM presents not only their production as a DJ, but also with its project MikkiM Live Band. Drums and bass make up the basic duo known formation of N.O.H.A. on vocals and trumpet, old Dave Trumpeteer and MC Turner, turntables and samples serve DJ Babylon Rocker played on electric guitar and MikkiM personally. The Repertoire of the band is producer basis its tracks. – Translated by Automatic service


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