Mariam the Believer

Eksperymentalna, Experimental Szwecja
S Mariam the Believer


Mariam the Believer  The String Of Everything  Mariam the Believer – The String Of Everything 4:05 160 ×
Mariam the Believer  Blood Donation  Mariam the Believer – Blood Donation 5:09 147 ×
Mariam the Believer  Invisible Giving  Mariam the Believer – Invisible Giving 7:49 15 ×
Mariam the Believer  Somewhere Else  Mariam the Believer – Somewhere Else 4:03 10 ×
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O Mariam the Believer

Under the pseudonym Mariam Believer hiding Swedish guitarist and vocalist Mariam Wallentin, half of the famous duo Wildbirds and Peacedrums, which formed together with her husband Andreas Werliinem. The mystical atmosphere so typical of Scandinavian music scene, unusual instruments, effects, and works with echo, complete with raw vocals Mariam, these are the advantages Blood Donation album, which was released in Europe in October 2013. – Translated by Automatic service


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