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Muzyka świata, Eksperymentalna, Elektroniczna, Ambient, Experimental, Instrumental Austria
S Manu Delago

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Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis sb 31.10. 19:30 Manu Delago Ensemble + Bruno Bavota

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Manu Delago Ensemble Berlin, Silent Green Kulturquartier 27.03.2020 20:00 Manu Delago Ensemble


Manu Delago  Awoke  Manu Delago – Awoke 2:28 153 ×
Manu Delago  Mono Desire  Manu Delago – Mono Desire 5:26 107 ×
Manu Delago  Bigger Than Home  Manu Delago – Bigger Than Home 4:02 53 ×
Manu Delago  Two Handsful Of Sound  Manu Delago – Two Handsful Of Sound 5:20 39 ×
Manu Delago  Change  Manu Delago – Change 6:45 36 ×

O Manu Delago

Manu Delago-Austrian musician Manu Delago is among the world’s most famous player on the percussive instrument Hang, which is guided by his adventurous expeditions across genres and musical traditions. He started out as a drummer for several Austrian rock or Jazz, but when it appeared in 2003, became this Hang Swiss instrument, the centerpiece of the music world. Living Room-based duo in 2006 with clarinetist Christoph Pepe Auerem was the beginning of his experiments, how to apply the distinctive sound of Hangu in all sorts of directions. In the following decade is his game to hear in projects extending from world music to Drum’n ' bass. In the list you can find coworker Manu Delaga such names as Anoushka Shankar, Joss Stone, Bugge Wesseltofte, Cinematic Orchestra and Andreya Triana.

The most prestigious of these is the however certainly collaborating with singer Björk, who invited him on the album and subsequent tour also Biophilia. His own Concert Ensemble Manu Delago Handmade is signed under the album of the year 2007, about five years later prepared a common recording with the London Symphony Orchestra. In his discography are plates issued under his name, which range between downtempem and jazz and usually contain a guest vocalists distinguished names. His latest album Silver Cobalt came out care of the prestigious Brighton label Tru Thoughts. Discography: Manu Delago – Made in Silence (own expense, 2006) Christoph Pepe Auer & Manu Delago – Living Room (Sessionwork Records, 2007) Manu Delago Handmade (Sessionwork Records, 2007) Manu Delago – Adventions (Sessionwork Records, 2008) Manu Delago – Made in Silence 2 (Sessionwork Records, 2010) Living Room (Christoph Pepe Auer & Manu Delago) – Colouring Book (Sessionwork Records, 2012) Manu Delago & London Symphony Orchestra strings-Manuscripts (Sessionwork Records Manu Delago, 2012) – Bigger Than Home (Sessionwork Records, 2013) Manu Delago – Silver Cobalt (2015, Tru Thoughts) – Translated by Automatic service


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