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S Jakub Špaňhel

Past exhibitions

Jakub Špaňhel: Five Lights Above the Water Praha 1, Galerie Arcimboldo 17.01. – 22.02.2020 Jakub Špaňhel: Five Lights Above the Water

O Jakub Špaňhel

Špaňhel James was born in 1976. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under the direction of George David and of Milan. Reputation as an outstanding talent who accompanied James Špaňhel already for his studies at the Prague Academy, was soon after graduating confirmed in several solo exhibitions – City Gallery, the National Gallery in Prague, gallery’s, participation in most of the major shows of paintings of his generation – Perfecte Tense, Berlin – Prague Manes; permanent exhibition Wannieck etc., or representation in public collections.

The current design could be divided roughly into two distinctly separate positions. Images of the first group are based on the views of a particular theme in his typical gestural style. Besides the famous cycle of temple interiors, with whom Diploma Thesis, this includes a series of acts, flowers, landscapes, portraits and recently gas stations and buildings of central banks of each country. The second group has a minimalist-serial character, consisting in the repetition of simple mechanical elements using paint roller, such as “pots”, goats, crosses, pints or sailboats. – Translated by Automatic service


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