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Ples Cirqueonu Praha 7, La Fabrika 1.02.2020 19:00 Ples Cirqueonu
HarmCore Jazz Band Praha 7, Klub Letka 11.01.2020 20:00 HarmCore Jazz Band
Mikulášská tančírna v Hólu: HarmCore Jazz Band Praha 7 – Holešovice, Hól 8.12.2019 18:00 Mikulášská tančírna v Hólu: HarmCore Jazz Band
Mladí ladí jazz open air 2019 Praha 1, Karlovo náměstí 30.04.2019 14:30 Mladí ladí jazz open air 2019
Harmcore Jazz Band Praha 6, Klubovna 9.03.2019 19:30 Harmcore Jazz Band

O HarmCore Jazz Band

Harmcore Orchestra was founded three years ago at the Prague school of Johannes Kepler, it is therefore a school, a purely amateur group, whose composition is the same reason, always slightly changing. It currently has more than twenty musicians and singers. In addition to brass and saxophones očekávatelných boasts an extensive string section, an unusual number of flutes and numerous rhythms. The specialty of the body are two violinophone, now unique tools that give the orchestra sound authentic atmosphere of the thirties. The repertoire is based on a range of Czech and world famous swing era hit with occasional forays into earlier and later periods.


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