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S Gravetemple

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Wrocław, Wrocław – różne miejsca 23.09. – 29.10.2019 Avant Art Festival 2019 Wrocław


Gravetemple  Ambient/Ruin B  Gravetemple – Ambient/Ruin B 17:06 0 ×
Gravetemple  Áthatolhatatlan Félelmek  Gravetemple – Áthatolhatatlan Félelmek 9:32 0 ×
Gravetemple  A Karma Karmai  Gravetemple – A Karma Karmai 1:32 0 ×
Gravetemple  Az Örök Végtelen Üresség  Gravetemple – Az Örök Végtelen Üresség 3:58 0 ×
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O Gravetemple

Gravetemple was formed in 2006 as a side-project of the band Sunn O))) by Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley and Attila Csihar.The trio formed in the summer of 2006 when Sunn O))) was invited to play in Israel, while Israel was engaged in the 2006 Lebanon War, and some of its members refused to travel there. During that time they created several recordings which eventually became the album The Holy Down, which was released on Southern Lord recordings in 2007. In Summer 2008 the trio reformed together with Australian drummer Matt “Skitz” Sanders for a short European tour culminating with a headlining performance at Supersonic Festival in Birmingham. In late 2009 the original trio reconvened for a special one-off concert at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. Since 2013 the band is active live and in 2017 they released the album Impassable Fears on Svart. By using a shared love of metal as a starting point, their collective sound borrowed from each artist’s individual strengths to create a strikingly novel voice within the metal scene from which the project was birthed.


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