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Take Control: Bredren + Chris.Su Praha 3, Storm Club 6.04.2019 21:00 Take Control: Bredren + Chris.Su
Bassmatico: Emika + Filip Foreigner + more Praha 7, Cross Club 15.09.2018 18:00 Bassmatico: Emika + Filip Foreigner + more

O Ghonzales

Ghonzales moves to the domestic dance scene since 1997. It is perceived primarily as a drum’n’bass DJ, but his musical range is much wider. The eclectically tuned parties can be heard during his set dubstep, funk to classic old Shool hiphop, breaks, or abstract hip-hop. In his drum’n’bassových sets is changing the atmosphere and feeling hardness, is characterized by blending deepových tracks with harder. It also aims to rhythmic diversity of his sets and adapts to the environment in which it plays. It is resident Bush and Beatcase nights at the Roxy club. Together with Philip TBC is every Friday evening for agendas Beatcase on Radio Wave oriented to abstract hip hop, dubstep and related styles.

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