Geisslers Hofcomoedianten

S Geisslers Hofcomoedianten

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Praha, VILA Štvanice czw 20.12 20:00 Tři ženy a zamilovaný lovec
Praha, VILA Štvanice 6.01.2019 20:00 Magdaléna lascívní a kajícná
Praha, VILA Štvanice 8.01.2019 20:00 I am Krabat
Praha, VILA Štvanice 8.01.2019 15:00 I am Krabat
Praha, VILA Štvanice 10.01.2019 20:00 Tři ženy a zamilovaný lovec

Geisslers Hofcomoedianten

Geisslers Hofcomoedianten is a theatre company for young professional artists znovuobjevující baroque of the cultural heritage of the Czech lands. The aim of their programming is not only to discover and reconstruct the springs “faded long ago times”, but on the basis of the Baroque masters and principles to create a contemporary and vibrant theatre expressing today. The glory of the Geisslerů rises steeply upwards (nominated for the staging of the 2010 and 2011 in the poll of theatrical newspaper), played with success on the domestic and foreign festivals in October 2012 have received a monthly tour of the United States of America and play in 2013 at the international festivals in Monaco, France and Italy. – Translated by Automatic service

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