Frajara Putika

Reggae, Ska Czechy
S Frajara Putika

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Plzeň, Pilzno – różne miejsca 4.09. – 5.09.2020 Pilsen Busking Fest 2020

Minione koncerty

Frajara Putika Plzeň, Anděl Music Bar 21.02.2020 20:00 Frajara Putika
Frajara Putika Plzeň, Anděl Café 16.08.2019 20:45 Frajara Putika
Frajara Putika Plzeň, Anděl Music Bar 24.05.2019 20:00 Frajara Putika
Mr. Loco Plzeň, Divadlo pod lampou 27.10.2016 20:00 Mr. Loco


Frajara Putika  Noční hlídač  Frajara Putika – Noční hlídač 3:52 117 ×
Frajara Putika  Lesmír (live)  Frajara Putika – Lesmír (live) 6:30 85 ×

O Frajara Putika

Today eight-member band Frajara Putík started in 2008 to mid-musicians. And with the number of players (and their age) have changed and genres, which managed: from early ska and reggae, blues and swing through the band later grown into the Balkan songs that he wanted to play from the beginning. Frajara greasy spoon but not nevyhraňuje genre: “I mainly play music that we like, and we find that more fun and you,” say to your fans. And they added: “We love the big stage, but playing on those small, just as we do not interfere with play on stages of pallets nailed together, or on park benches. The main thing is to play for us, for you, for everyone. Come to the concert and judge for yourself. ” – Translated by Automatic service


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