Duke Ellington Orchestra

S Duke Ellington Orchestra


Duke Ellington Orchestra  Take the A Train  Duke Ellington Orchestra – Take the A Train 3:03 240 ×
Duke Ellington Orchestra  (live)  Duke Ellington Orchestra – (live) 8:21 177 ×

O Duke Ellington Orchestra

Artistic level big band called Duke Ellington Orchestra Ellington already guarded, though from 1923 to 1931, looking for a suitable composition, focus and name of your body. Duke Ellington and his Orchestra underwent baptism of fire during the economic crisis, to become this excellent pianist and author of more than 2,000 jazz compositions mainstay until his death. During his career, Duke Ellington received 12 Grammy Awards, three of which posthumously. Orchestra has undergone many later famous jazz musicians and those who prefer this formation before a solo career. – Translated by Automatic service

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