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O DJ Hiffi & MC Jacob

One project, a team of two, one for choo-choo, the other behind the microphone – and Jacob Hiffi definitely not on the dance scene by any novice. As members of the Skyline, a leading Czech electronic band for many years received hundreds of live performances at virtually all major venues and festivals in the Czech Republic, and collaborated with many renowned artists and producers with the Czech Republic and abroad – MC Jacob can justly be called a seasoned veteran of the party regularly accompanying drum’n’bass DJs, especially on the Czech scene (Suki, Katcha, Bassbeast crew), collaborated with some but respected foreign names (Roni Size, DJ Muffler, MC Det, Dynamite, if called by at least a few of them), while producing Hiffiho quality led him to different areas – from producing albums (not Skyline), and ending with the production of jingles for a famous Czech TV station. Sharing the same passion for electronic music, and MC Jacob Hiffi are here to show you the proper electro breakbeat courage.


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