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Friky Česká republika, Czechy – różne miejsca 27.03.2020 20:00 Friky
Unity Rage Warm-Up: DJ Friky Kladno, Murphy Coctail Bar & Music Club 15.02.2019 21:00 Unity Rage Warm-Up: DJ Friky
Trouble Team (DJ Friky & DJ Flux) Praha 2, Mosaic House / La Loca 19.06.2015 21:00 Trouble Team (DJ Friky & DJ Flux)
Summer City Fest 2014 Plzeň, Areál plochodrážního stadionu 14.06.2014 12:00 Summer City Fest 2014


Friky & Jan Cerny & Martin Svatek  Letitgo!  Friky & Jan Cerny & Martin Svatek – Letitgo! 3:57 21 ×
Friky & Jan Cerny  Dance Like a Monkey  Friky & Jan Cerny – Dance Like a Monkey 3:29 8 ×

O DJ Friky

If you sure you want to know what that is DJing, stops to look at the DJ Frikyho. He had worked from Horný to Prague, his stubborn effort, hard work and love for DJing between the Czech elite. For a long time you could hear him as moderator for the bygone Radio DJ, most probably it can be seen alongside DJ Flux in the year Trouble Team and was a member of DMC Champion of the Czech team that represented the most prestigious DJ competition finals in London. If someone presents us with turntablism in his true form, so it’s just DJ Friky, speaks for itself that is at home in the kitchen a lot of record players, boxes and other gadgets, and still wearing … I’m working – Translated by Automatic service


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