Divadlo Vizita

Improvizace Czechy
S Divadlo Vizita

Nadchodzące sztuki

Praha 1, Divadlo Kampa 13.01.2019 19:30 Small visit
Brno, Bolek Polivka's Theatre 27.03.2019 19:00 Jméno

Minione przedstawienia

Small visit Praha 1, Divadlo Kampa 2.12.2018 19:30 Small visit
Small visit Praha 1, Divadlo Kampa 13.05.2018 19:30 Small visit
Small visit Praha 1, Divadlo Kampa 1.05.2018 19:30 Small visit
Divadlo Vizita – Ptačí klopípnutí Praha 1, Archa Theatre 21.03.2018 20:00 Divadlo Vizita – Ptačí klopípnutí
Small visit Praha 1, Divadlo Kampa 11.03.2018 19:30 Small visit
Divadlo Vizita – Rovnoměrná protekce Praha 1, Archa Theatre 15.02.2018 20:00 Divadlo Vizita – Rovnoměrná protekce

Divadlo Vizita

Improvised theater Jaroslav Dusek and his colleagues.

Each performance Vizita’s premiere. Jaroslav Dusek utters what his fruitful saliva to bring language, and spoken develops into an incredible structures that do not fit each other, and sometimes even rhyme, but often have a meaning and depth. Often, however, neither – and this is the show fascinating. Perhaps there is no field or area that is still Mr. Dusek touched. Perfectly embody any character, animal, plant, thing, concept, idea. Absolutely incredible, for example, can warm up game Malick own or render the “transformation”, for which he would be worthy of Franz Kafka. – Translated by Automatic service


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